About me

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Mark Macznik. Since you’ve come to my website, you’re probably looking for an experienced copywriter writing in both Polish and English or an internet marketing specialist. For over 6 years I have been providing top quality content to markets all over the world. Privately a happy husband and a lover of computer games.

Polish and English – Bilingual Copywriter

I am a Native Speaker in Polish language. I also command English at near-native level. I posses the Cambridge English: Proficiency certificate which you can see below. This proves that I am able to provide both Polish and English copywriting of the highest quality.

Full time Copywriter

Unlike many freelancers who you can meet at various forums and service auctions, for me, copywriting is not just a part-time or supplementary job. Both polishing my English and continuous development in the field of e-commerceSEO copywriting and advertising campaigns are my passion and full time occupation. I run my own business, which not only allows me to issue VAT invoices for my services, but also proves to you that I take my trade very seriously. Failure to meet deadlines or submitting unchecked and half-baked content is not an option , because it’s my reputation that’s at stake here.

Years of Experience

I started my adventure with content marketing 6 years ago. My first project concerned writing blog articles, which allowed me to acquire practise both with SEO and content creation. Today, I easily combine these skills with writing interesting, engaging and, of course, language-refined articles. When writing for my clients, I always stick to the principles of attractive marketing, so that the content I create brings measurable benefits. Nowadays, a copywriter is more than a writer – he is a specialist in word sales, which is why the conversions and effectiveness are a priority for me.

Impeccable command of English

I command English at C2 level, which gives you certainty that my texts will not be in any way inferior to those written by a copywriter from Great Britain or another English-speaking country.

I value the budget of my customers

I enjoy working as an English copywriter and learning new topics. For this reason, I am able to undertake assignments from almost any subject. I can conduct efficient research and I am not afraid of any industry. However, you must remember that not everything can be mastered at the expert level. Don’t worry, though – if a topic turns out to be too complicated and I will not be able to create content in such manner as to meet your requirements, I will inform you in advance. I respect both the time and money of my clients, which is why I never undertake projects about the feasibility of which I have doubts.

Convenient form of settlement

For my services, I issue VAT invoices. However, in order to meet the expectations of all my clients, I also allow other methods of payment for the work done.

If you want me to become your copywriter and help you grow your online business, do not hesitate to contact me.

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